Leading the House Church with Ken Eastburn

Liner Notes

In today’s show, we discuss Leading the House Church with Ken Eastburn. Some of the questions we discussed are…

  • How do you define the terms “Legacy Church”, “Organic”, & “House Church”?
  • Tell me about your journey from a pastor in a traditional, or Legacy Church, into the organic House Church movement?
  • How has your definition of Leadership changed over the years?
  • How does the role of Elder fit into the House Church leadership?
  • Do you believe there are some people in the church uniquely given the gift of “Teaching”?  If so, what does that mean on a practical level in how the church is lead?
  • Does Jesus’ model of servant leadership work better in Organic Church than in a Legacy Church?

About Ken Eastburn

Ken_EastburnAfter years of ministry in churches God took Ken on an amazing ride down the rabbit hole and landed him right in the middle of the organic church movement.

In 2005 Ken helped to lead a small traditional church out of their building and into a network of small organic churches. That church network, called The Well planted many small organic churches in Southern California and eventually in Ghana, West Africa.

In 2012 Ken became the Director of House2House, a ministry that resources simple/organic/house churches all over the world. House2House began as a printed magazine, then started an annual House Church Conference. Now through House2House.com and SimpleChurch.com the organic church community has a place to connect, share insights, and gain knowledge.

Ken now spends his days resourcing, coaching and connecting those who are interested in a more simple/organic way of gathering as the body of Christ.

Ali Eastburn, Ken’s wife, is the director of a dynamic non-profit Christian ministry called With This Ring.

Ken and Ali Eastburn live in Yorba Linda, California with their 3 boys, various exchange students from around the globe and their dog Oscar. Their house is never boring.

You can always reach Ken via Twitter @Keneastburn  or on his website, KenEastburn.com