Leading Leaders with Brad Lomenick

Liner Notes

In today’s podcast, Dr Miller interviews Catalyst President Brad Lomenick, about his new book “The Catalyst Leader: 8 Essentials for Becoming a Change Maker” and what it takes to build leaders for the next generation. The original air-date for this show was June 27, 2013.  Some of the questions they discuss are…

  • 3dbookAs a parent, your book’s dedication inspires me to be a better dad, so can you tell me how your parents modeled leadership?
  • What does it mean to desire greatness as a leader?
  • Is it better to help leaders avoid mistakes, or help them overcome mistakes?
  • We have more books and conferences on leadership than ever, yet 82% of Christians think there is a leadership gap? What are we missing?
  • As a Christian leader, is there such a thing as a “bad” collaborative partner? If so, how do you make that determination?

About Brad Lomenick

Brad-240x240In a nutshell, Brad is an Oklahoma boy now residing in the South. He is a passionate follower of Christ and leader of a movement of young leaders called Catalyst. Their primary role is equipping, inspiring, and releasing the next generation of young Christian leaders through events, resources, consulting, content and connecting a community of like-minded Catalysts all over the world..

You can connect with brad on his facebook page or follow him on Twitter.

About Catalyst

tumblr_lsplaeHTEu1qd770nCatalyst was conceived as a Next Generation Leaders Conference in 1999 by Andy Stanley, Reggie Joiner, John Maxwell, Lanny Donoho and several young leaders. Catalyst was created to meet the felt need that existed within the church leader space for a leadership event that was focused on a new generation of church leaders. Everything within this space seemed built around a forty to sixty year old mindset and medium. This team was convinced that this needed to change.

Since inception, over 100,000 leaders have made the annual trek to Atlanta to participate in the Catalyst Conference experience, and this October, once again over 12,000 young leaders will gather to experience Catalyst up close. In addition, over 3,000 leaders will gather for the Catalyst West Coast experience in Orange County, CA and 3,000 more will gather for the first ever Catalyst in Dallas.