Leading Hollywood with Marta Dubois

Liner Notes

In today’s show, Dr Miller interviews long-time Hollywood actress Marta Dubois about her leadership role at Holy Wood Acting Studios.

Some of the questions discussed are:

• Is Hollywood a curse or a blessing on America?
• Is an actor really a leader? If so, then what does leadership look like in Hollywood?
• How does fame help or hinder Christians from becoming leaders?
• How does the biblical call to pursue holiness mesh with the life of an actor?
• How does Holy Wood acting studio help Christian actors become leaders?
• What do you think are the keys to helping other Christians lead Hollywood?

About Marta Dubois

Marta_DuboisMarta is a professional actor and acting coach. She has been teaching in depth Scene Study for a number of years to many aspiring actors in Los Angeles. She is now the Acting Supervisor of Holy Wood Acting Studio.

Marta starred in her first feature film “Boulevard Nights” in 1978 and has since been performing on stage, film and television including her most recent run in the series McBride on Hallmark. Marta has dozens of guest starring roles and series including; MAGNUM P.I., TALES OF THE GOLD MONKEY, STAR TREK: TNG, KING OF QUEENS, LAW AND ORDER and many more.

Marta studied intensely with mentor Sal Dano for 3 years before auditioning, after which she started working steadily, but never stopped studying because as she says: “learning is limitless….”

Boards and Organizations: Marta is a long standing member of SAG, AFTRA, and Equity Unions.

About Holy Wood Acting Studios

holywood-255x255Holy Wood Acting Studio educates and prepares persons of all ages in order to develop their acting talent so that they can produce powerful works, including those that bring joy, hope, truth and beauty to the world and make a difference in people’s lives. We believe that actors are called to be notable role models and powerful leaders, so they must have a solid mental, physical, emotional and spiritual foundation. Aware of these vital needs in the future actor Holy Wood Acting Studio has developed what we call the four pillars of formation to prepare, train and educate the mind, soul and heart of the budding actors.

In this full-out study program. they will be led on the path to becoming the best people God has planned for them to be, so they may use the talents He has given them to accomplish their mission as artists and people of integrity with resounding success. Holy Wood Acting Studio employs state-of-the-art equipment and utilizes unique teaching methods to accomplish this goal.