Leading Business with Tami Heim

Liner Notes

In today’s show, Dr. Miller talks with Tami Heim, current Tami president and CEO of Christian Leadership Alliance.  Some of the questions they discuss are below.

1. Many leaders have created a false dichotomy between how they run their business and how they live their Christian faith.

a. Can you share an example of why this approach is so harmful to christians business owners?

b. Is there a crisis of ethics in the Christian business world?

c. Can you give a definition or an example of what a healthy Christian business owner looks like? How do they properly integrate faith and business?

2. You are doing a lot of exciting things with Christian Leadership Alliance. In looking at your website I picked out a few things that looked interesting.

a. Can you tell me about the CLA conferences? Who are they for and what do you hope to accomplish?  How are your conferences different from what the folks at Catalyst are doing?

b. Tell me a bit about the online education you have put together? Who is that for and what is your ultimate goal?

About Tami Heim

thumbTami Heim has been the president and CEO of Christian Leadership Alliance, headquartered in San Clemente, CA, since January 2012.

Her professional career includes executive leadership experience in the technology, marketing, publishing and retail industries. She has served as a partner in The A Group – Brand Development, executive vice president and chief publishing officer for Thomas Nelson Publishers, and as the president of Borders, Inc.

After graduating from Purdue University in 1980, she entered the management training program at Federated Department Stores and continued to serve in various leadership roles until she left in 1996. At the time of her departure, she was responsible for the operations of both the LAZARUS and Goldsmith’s chains.

Actively involved on the boards of EQUIP, Lead Like Jesus, Christian Alliance for Orphans, and Growing Leaders, she has a passion for Christian leadership development.

About Christian Leadership Alliance

christian_leadership_assocWe are an alliance of mission focused Christians who lead in today’s high-impact Christian nonprofit ministries, churches, educational institutions, and businesses. Christian Leadership Alliance (CLA) unites, trains, and equips Christian leaders to think higher for greater kingdom gain. We move beyond good Christian management to empower Christian leadership that’s catalytic in its transformation of people, their organizations, and ultimately the world.

We recognize every organization holds a vision; however for that vision to be achieved, every Christian leader needs to be equipped and empowered for success. And for this reason we take it higher, offering lifelong learning that is taught by best of industry faculty across all spheres of ministry and business. And all of CLA’s lifelong learning experiences feature a solid biblical worldview.

We create platforms to leverage and exchange expertise, knowledge, and innovative thinking. We maximize multiple distribution channels, formats, and learning experiences so leaders get what they need, when they need it. Extensive collaboration and a shared vision for God’s plan enable us to deliver higher thinking and the best practices for organizational effectiveness in eight core categories:

  • Executive Leadership
  • Resource Development
  • Financial Management
  • Tax & Legal
  • Board Governance
  • People Management and Care
  • Internet and Technology
  • Communications and Marketing

We serve over 4,500 nonprofit ministries, but the measurement of CLA’s impact is not based upon the size of our membership or the number of those who engage in our learning resources. It is ultimately gauged by the effectiveness of our members’ personal leadership, how they empower their ministries, and all those whose lives are eternally changed because of what they do. We collectively take it higher for radical transformation, Kingdom gain, and God’s glory.